Phase 1 – Initial application

Submit copies of your certifications with your application. there is an area for this before final submission of the application. Certifications must be present with your application in order to move to the next phase.

Upon receipt of all application paperwork required for processing, potential candidates will be sent a link via email for a ‘Step One Survey’ and ‘Job Fit Assessment’. Upon completion and review, potential qualified candidates may be asked to participate in the following process.

Phase 2 – Written, Practical and Physical Examination

When a position becomes open, qualified applicants will be notified of a date and time for a three-part series of examinations. These exams will be taken at the Advanced Life Systems main office located at 2106 W. Washington Ave, Yakima WA, 98903. Candidates late for the exam will not be considered for employment.

The first portion of the examination is a written test, and is structured to ask EMS related questions based on the applicant’s highest level of training – EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate or Paramedic. Dispatchers will take a computerized test designed to measure the number of words per minute they are able to type on a computer. The dispatcher should expect their test to last up to 30 minutes. Retakes are not allowed. (This will conclude the testing for Phase 2 for Dispatchers.)

EMTs and Paramedics will then move onto the practical portion of the examination. This will be a “hands-on” examination and will also be based on the applicants level of training. EMT candidates should be proficient in rapid patient assessment, spinal immobilization, wound care and use of traction splints, oxygen administration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation at a BLS level. Paramedic candidates should be proficient in patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation through knowledge of ACLS, management of a critical trauma patient and all related patient treatments at an ALS level.

The final portion of the examination will be a physical agility test designed to ensure the applicant is in adequate physical condition as required to perform work-related tasks. This physical agility test will be representative of typical every day activities performed in the EMS profession.

Candidates will be notified of their scores within one week of test completion. Successful candidates will move onto Phase 3 of the hiring process

Phase 3 – Peer Oral Board Interview

Successful candidates will be notified of a date and time for an interview. The Peer Oral Board is a formal business interview which allows our staff and your potential coworkers to learn more about the candidate’s skills, qualities, interest and background. The interview will be conducted at Advanced Life Systems headquarters located at 2106 W Washington Ave, Yakima, Washington. Candidate’s should expect the interview process to last up to an hour. Members of our interview board may include Supervisors, Field Training Officers, and crew members. Successful candidates will then move onto Phase 4 of the hiring process.

Phase 4 – Background investigation

During phase 4, background checks will be performed, and EMT and Paramedic candidates driving abstracts will be checked for accuracy. The applicant should also expect that the personal and professional contacts listed on the initial application will be contacted during this time.

Phase 5 – Managers Interview

Upon successful completion of the Phases 1 – 4 only the most successful applicants will be notified of a formal Manager Interview. Others may be placed on an eligibility list which is valid for 12 months after initial application.


Upon hire the new employee will enter an initial probationary period where they will be required to work along side a Field Training Officer on the ambulance (Dispatchers will work in our communication center with a Supervisor). The new employee will also be required to review all standard operating procedures of the company, will learn basic day to day operations, general policies and guidelines, medical protocol, and vehicle operations. Paramedics, in addition to this, must also successfully pass a county protocol and 12-Lead test along with a ‘Mega Code’ scenario prior to completing the FTO process. Paramedics then must also show proficiency in Yakima county protocols through direct treatment of patients on the ambulance as required by the Yakima County EMS office. The initial field training process is at least 240 hours long for Paramedics (192 hours for EMT’s). Upon completion of the FTO process new employees will be placed on an initial probationary period for 12 months. Upon successful completion of the 12 month probation period those qualified will be removed from Probation.

Advanced Life Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. If you need assistance or an accommodation during the application process or employment with ALS because of a disability, it is available upon request. The company is pleased to provide such assistance, and no applicant or employee will be penalized as a result of such a request.

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